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Professional Business/
Management Consulting Services
1425 W. Manchester Ave. Ste. B
L.A., CA, 90047
(323) 750-3592
Living Trust...Wills,.. Power Of Attorney...Business Start-Up Consultations.

Classic One Books And Herbs
Herbs that helps you heal - All kinds of books, Herbs & Vitamins - We send books to your loved ones who are in jail or prison.
1425 W. Manchester, Ste B
L.A., CA 90047  (323) 750-4114.

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Coronavirus: Let's Talk About Sex During A Pandemic

Dr. Rosie Milligan

This Is Not Cool

Legal Lessons For Youth &

Their Parents - Vol. 1

Clara Hunter King, Esq.

Yvonne Hawks, Esq.

Lawanda Jean O'Bannon, Esq.

This Is Not Cool
Legal Lessons for Youth & Their Parents - Vol. 11
Clara Hunter King, Esq.

Yvonne Hawks, Esq.
Janine Brooks-Collier, PI
Betty Williams-Kirby, Esq.

Lawanda Jean O'Bannon, Esq.

Nuts & Bolts For the New Author & the New Publisher Made Simple

Dr. Rosie Milligan

More Dirty Little Secrets
Dr. Claud Anderson

Dirty Little Secrets
Dr. Claud Anderson

Dr. Claud Anderson

Black Labor, White Wealth
Dr. Claud Anderson

5 Colors to Better Health

Dr. Bill Releford, D.P.M.

Parenting Skills  For The New Millennium

 Lynne Marie

The Art of Weight Management

Victor Wilson

 17 Points To Longevity to Show Business

Stephanie Spruill


A Caregiver's Journey With A Terminal Patient

Carolyn Arbuckle, Ph.D.

Maxims in Excellence

M. D. Gray and Carlton Ceasar

Creating A New You

 Dr. Rosie Milligan

Think On These Things 
Granvel D. Johnson

Are Weight and Pounds the Same Thing?

 Cedric Milligan

Psychology of Education: A Theoretical Approach In Child Development

Velma Melancon, M.A., Ed.

Gambling: The Pleasure of Winning, The Pain of
Losing "Women Living through The Pain"

L. Lynn Hilliard

ABC's On How To Prepare Your Manuscript For Editing, Formatting and Printing

Dr. Rosie Milligan and
Clara Hunter King, Esq.

 Healing Our Village

LenoreT.Coleman, Pharm.D. CDE 
James R. Gavin, III, M.D., Ph.D


 James Clingman

That's The Ticket!

Kevin McMahon

From Miseducation To Incarceration

Dr. Donald Evans

Black-O-Knowledge: Stuff we need to know

James Clingman

How To Write
A Book Made Simple: And Your Publishing Options

Dr. Rosie Milligan and
Clara Hunter King, Esq.

You  Have Cancer

Ronald P. Bazile, Sr., Ellis M. Brossett, Sr., Preston J. Edwards Sr., Benjamin M. Priestley with
Don Spears

Eating To Die
Lottie Perkins

Dr. Rosie Milligan

Scams, Schemes & Fraud

Shirley Johnson aka Queen Sierra Imani

Black Empowerment With An Attitude!
James Clingman

Good Study Habits

Pamela D. West, M.D.

When There is No Visual Means of Support

Helen Carter Johnson

What To Do Before You Get Hitched

Clara Hunter King, Esq. & Dr. Rosie Milligan

Committed Women In The Heart Of God

Dennis Trapp

Departing This Life Preparations - Do It For Your Loved Ones

Clara Hunter King, Esq. & Dr. Rosie Milligan Ph.D.

Voices To Our Children

Stephen Taylor

Medical Mistake

Killed My Husband

Luvella Franklin

Thrift Store Diva:
Spending Pennies And Looking Like
A Million Dollars

Helen Pearson
Getting Out of Debt
Made Simple
Dr. Rosie Milligan
Developing A Marketing Plan for your Book Made Simple
Dr. Rosie Milligan
Keeping It Next Time
Michael Andrews
The ABC's For Starting And Managing Your Own Publishing Company Made Simple
Dr. Rosie Milligan
The Uncharted Natural Art of Conceiving, Pregnancy Prevention
and Childbirth Spacing
Danny Saturday
A Child's Journey
Through Sexual Abuse
Cherry Marie
Elegant Sister, What Happened?
Georgia Horton
Why Married Men Cheat
Danielle Metcalf aka Ms. Hitch
The Evolution of America's Homebred Terrorist:
The Changing Culture
Judson Bacot
Having Her Say
Dr. Rosie Milligan

What You Need To Know Before
You Start A Business

Dr. Rosie Milligan Ph.D. & Clara Hunter King, Esq.