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ISBN 978-0-9834299-75
U.S. $12.00

Thirty-Five Years on Death Row:
The Roger Collins Story

Clara Hunter King, Esq.


The purpose of this book is to help keep young people out of jails and prisons. It will also help parents avoid the heartache and sorrow that they suffer when their child is sentenced to prison for many years, for life, or to death row.The information is straight forward and easy to understand. Thirty-Five Years on Death Row: The Roger Collins Story shows clearly how one bad choice led to tragic consequences for Roger.

Would you believe: That a judge ordered a jury trial for a very poor man in 1991, and 21 years later no action has yet been taken by the state or the county. This man is on death row and has been desperately trying to get someone to help him all these years?

It is difficult for us to think that such a thing could ever happen in America. But this is that story. And it’s a typical example of how the needs and rights of the poorest among us often fall through the cracks. You ask, “Is this a case in which the state and county officials deliberately ignored the rights of one of its citizens?” Read the story and decide for yourself. If you are poor, or have very limited resources and end up in the system—beware: the same thing could happen to you. This book provides you with guidelines and options that can help you avoid those pitfalls.


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