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Introduction To Ebonics: The Relexification of African Grammar With English and Other Indo-European Words
Linda Taylor


Just when you thought it was safe to dismiss the speech and language of Black folks in America as a forgotten subject, Introduction to Ebonics: The Relexification of African Grammar with English and other Indo-European Words surfaces. Volume I outlines the theoretical base for Ebonics and its status as a neo-African language. Volume II is forthcoming with nearly 4000 memorable words, phrases, and sayings are placed at your fingertips, along with gems of information gleaned from the pens of Dr. Ernie A. Smith and Dr. Robert L. Williams. After reading and studying this entire Work, will anyone with "right good sense" continue to label Ebonics as Black English? Contrary to popular belief, there has not been a discontinuation of African grammar in the deep structure of Black speech. African American Language, or Ebonics is the" linguistic continuation of Africa in Black America."


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